Seeds For Seeds

With your donation, you support sustainable agriculture worldwide…

Through the Seeds For Seeds movement, we give ten percent to inspired organizations who grow empowered, sustainable, and prosperous communities.

Our partner organizations educate and empower by providing the tools necessary for the creation of prosperity through agriculture. Most recently, the Seeds For Seeds movement provided support for the installation of a new water well at a children’s home. With their nurturing and compassionate leadership and staff, this home provides its children with all of their basic needs, as well as education and guidance on becoming self-sufficient and thriving adults.

The children learn and practice sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship through their agricultural microbusiness in which they manage an egg farm and vegetable farm to provide food for themselves and their local community. Through this experience, they are infused with the wonder and satisfaction of planting seeds themselves, tending the farm all the way through harvest, and making an important contribution in their Community.

Grow to Give. Give to Grow.


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