Cali Cure


2016 – High Times Cannabis Cup 1st Place Best CBD Flower

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Type: High CBD

Lineage: Critical Cure F3 (f) x CC F4 /OG Kush/GSC (m)

Flowering time: 55-65 days

Outdoor: End of September

Flower Testing Summary:
CBD 15% – THC 7%
Top Terpenes (mg/g):
Myrcene, 5.72
β Caryophyllene, 3.50
Limonene, 2.06
α Humulene, 1.32
Link to SC Labs Results

Cali Cure is our signature High CBD strain and has a floral and very fragrant sweet smell during flowering. This is a smooth, smokable CBD strain with a mellow and relaxing high.

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